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Hair, Make-Up & Grooming Workshop - Collaboration with Calibre Models & Mothership

Just last week, I was invited to conduct a hair, make-up and grooming workshop in collaboration with Jason of CALIBRE models in view of self-improvement for youths. The entire workshop was for Mothership, a local company aimed at grooming the youths of today into better people of the future. It was indeed a fun and enriching experience, both for the students of the course and for myself as well!

The model for the day, Andrea, also a freelance writer, decided to do a little write-up on the course as well! But first, and foremost, here are some photos taken by Darras, the photographer of the day, during the course!

The amazing view from the classroom!

Students listening intently: Theory portion of the basic make-up and hair syllabus!

Demonstration on Andrea!

More theoretical explanations during the demo!

And the demo continues!

Question & Answer!

Students hard at work: taking down notes like they should! :D

And, here is freelance writer/ model Andrea's take on the entire course! :)

The Essentials of Grooming
Written by Andrea Bruchwitz
The first impression is just a quick glance but it can decide about your next career stepAccording to researchers the first seven seconds are crucial, so your nonverbal appearance should impress your future boss, supervisor or client immediately.
Especially for models and talents it is important to win over the client with an outstanding outward appearance, so it’s good to know all about grooming and presenting the most perfect version of yourself. Jason Tan, the head of CALIBRE MODELS, initiated a grooming course last Tuesday, teaching young talents about the most important skills.
First, the class was taught basic knowledge about different skin tones and appropriate make-up styles for castings. Make-up artist Andy Razali, who has been working in the beauty industry for seven years, underlined the importance of a fresh, healthy look. He showed several techniques to create shining eyes, pure skin and a nice face contour. It was a great pleasure to assist him as a make-up model for the course, so he could demonstrate the theoretical knowledge step by step on my face. The young talents were impressed by the immediate awakening effect of highlighter and bronzer, additionally Andy answered all their questions about applying mascara and finding the perfect eye shade tone. As an experienced model I could also share my experience about a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition habits.  
The second part of the grooming class was all about hair styling. Andy gave valuable insights about different face shapes and appropriate hair styling techniques for all of them. In an interactive game the talents had to determine each other’s characteristics and suggest matching haircuts. Especially for people in the fashion and beauty industry it is essential to have perfect hair and will finally determine if you get the job or not.
After the grooming session Jason shared his profound experience about body language and initiated a test interview with a challenging jury: Andy and me. The talents had to introduce themselves appropriately and cope with our unexpected catch questions. Finally the attendants left the course with a brochure including the most important information and I gave them my most helpful advice: “You really have to want this job. It starts in your mind, so put your heart in it and you will get it.”
The entire course was a success, all the students learnt loads about personal care, and the science behind hair and make-up, and presentation. Even the boys who attended the lesson were glued and attentive, I was pleasantly shocked! :D

For more details regarding hair, make-up and grooming workshops, feel free to contact me at andyandweave@gmail.com! Thanks for reading! :)

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