Sunday, March 9

Goddess Locks

I just had a photoshoot today with one of my models, Henna. She came to me with her tresses in distress, and left the shoot with soft bouncy curls cascading down her back. Take a look!

Temporary Straightening was done on the top half of Henna's hair, to create the illusion of flowiness. Medium Curl Setting was done from the middle to the hair end, to achieve bouncy curls.



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Tuesday, March 4

Soft Curls

I recently did a photoshoot with my new model, Shikin. Have a look! Click the pictures to enlarge.



Straightening and Blow-drying

Hair extensions and Curls setting

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Monday, March 3

Double Take

I recently did an outdoor photoshoot with twin models, Sihah and Sirah. Sihah came in with undefined wavy locks, and left with big bouncy shiny curls. Sirah came in with pin straight hair, and left the shoot with subtle waves. Take a look!

Temporary Straightening was done on model Sihah's fringe to amp up shine and softness. Big Curls Setting was then done on the lower half of the hair, to achieve big sexy curls.

Medium Curls Setting was done on model Sirah, to achieve subtle waves with alot of movement and volume.


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Sleek and Straight

Here's a series of photos from a hair photoshoot which I did recently. The model had stubborn and unruly natural curls, and longed for the sleek and straight look. It was a long process, but the end result was straight, shiny hair. Have a look!

Blow-dry and temporary straightening was done on model Puva, to achieve the sleek straight look. The price range for this service provided are:
$8 - short hair
$11 - medium length hair
$15 - long hair



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