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Product Reviews - Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Collection

Recently, a lovely package from the people at Marc Anthony True Professional arrived in the mail. And in it was the latest haircare collection, the Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Collection - the perfect range for damaged and weakened hair that has been through alot (like mine!).

Marc Anthony True Professional Oil of Morocco Collection- (left to right) Argan Oil Conditioner, Argan Oil Treatment, and Argan Oil Shampoo

I am personally guilty of abusing my hair on a daily basis, using blow-dryers, flat-irons, curling wands; and on top of that, I colour my hair every 3-4 months as well, hence my tresses has taken quite a beating! I tend to notice that especially with the weather acting all crazy recently, my hair tends to frizz up and feel like straw alot, so when I found out about this collection, I got all excited - something to save the damage in my hair!

Well-known for centuries in its homeland as a beauty staple for healthy looking hair, ARGAN OIL is the foundation for Marc Anthony's NEW Oil of Morocco Collection. Deemed as one of the greatest ancestral beauty secrets from Morocco, it has garnered a huge following of celebrities like Selena Gomez, Madonna, and Josie Maran, all of whom are amazed at the multiple benefits of Argan Oil treatments, which strengthens, moisturizes, gives shine and relieves hair from damage.

Weak, dull, dry hair is often the byproduct of a damaged cuticle resulting from regular styling, processing and evnironmental stress over time. To help combat damaged cuticles, the Oil of Morocco Collection has combined Argan Oil with another super-ingredient, KERATIN, which helps to fortify, protect and correct hair cuticles. This divine combination ensures that your hair transforms into a lush, rich, shine that reflects a healthy scalp.

The Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Collection is entirely sulfate-free, thus, every single step helps to cleanse, strengthen and retain your hair's natural oils. Suited for a sensitive scalp, the sulfate free formula is mild and will help liberate the scalp from any irritation.

Marc Anthony Argan Oil Shampoo (Sulfate-Free) - SGD $17.90

The texture of the shampoo is very smooth, and has an exotic smell to it - everytime I use it I get reminded of Morocco for some reason! I didn't need to use alot of product to cover the whole of my hair shaft - the product lathered quite well and didn't leave behind any residue. However, my advise is to always use the shampoo with the conditioner - as the shampoo tends to tangle my hair if used alone - possibly due to its powerful cleansing properties!

Marc Anthony Argan Oil Conditioner (Sulfate-Free) - SGD $17.90

I always look forward to using Marc Anthony's conditioners, because they're always so creamy and rich! It had the same exotic smell like the shampoo, and eased out all the tangles in my hair like a dream. I left it in for about 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off, and no residue or "oily" feeling was left in my hair and scalp - perfect!

Marc Anthony Argan Oil Treatment (Sulfate-Free) - SGD $18.90

The first thing I eyed when I got the package was this particular product - mainly because I am a huge fan of hair oils and serums. Immediately after washing my hair, I applied a generous amount of this product to my roots and ends, and blow-dried, after which I put in a little bit more. I was completely amazed by the results from using the treatment in conjunction with the rest of the collection - my hair didn't feel heavy, felt clean, soft, bouncy and most importantly - NOT DAMAGED! Gone were the days of having hair that felt fried - I was esctatic! It has been a week since I've used this product - and so far my hair has broken off less during brushing and feels alot stronger!

Here are the results!

Smooth, Strong, Soft Hair using Marc Anthony's Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Collection!

The Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Collection is available at selected Watson's stores in Singapore, including Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, ION Orchard, Marina Square and Vivo City.

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Friday, June 14


Ever since I first laid my hands on waterproof make-up, I have never looked back since, especially since I am one who isn't really keen on touching up my own make-up, which is impossible for non-waterproof stuff in ever-humid Singapore! And by far, the only brand I've come across with such a comprehensive range of waterproof and high performance cosmetics would be Make Up For Ever!

An essential tool for professional make-up artists, the AQUA range is also essential for women who desire quick-to-apply make-up that is both waterproof and smudge-proof. Offering an extensive range
of eye, lip and cheek products that produce both natural looks and spectacular effects alike, the AQUA range was first launched in 2006 and has since become the ultimate choice for everyone – from synchronized swimming champions to urban beauties who are constantly on the lookout for truly high performance, inventive make-up.

MAKE UP FOR EVER launches their new Aqua Summer 2013 - This time, it is a combination of 4 striking AQUA products in exciting, aquatic pop colors that highlight the qualities of this superb waterproof line.

The lovely people from the MUFE tribe sent me a little summer Aqua goodie bag with some fabulous colors in it! :)

What caught my eye immediately were the new colours from the Aqua Rouge Collection of waterproof lipglosses that MUFE carried. I am a huge, HUGE fan of Aqua Rouge, its by far the only lipstick/gloss/stain that has never done me wrong - it is so easy to apply, and the color stays on strong even after eating oily food and gulping down bottles of liquid! It dries really quick too, so I never really have to wait very long to get that perfect striking lip! 

The new collection features 5 new, sexy shades in Poppy Coral, Fuchsia, Pomegranate,
Baby Pink and Pale Orange that will literally light up your lips for sunnylicious,
kissable moments!

I bagged #16 Fuschia, #20 Baby Pink, and #18 Pale Orange!

MUFE Aqua Rouge in #16 Fuschia (SGD $40 / 5ml)

MUFE Aqua Rouge in #20 Baby Pink (SGD $40 / 5ml)

MUFE Aqua Rouge in #16 Pale Orange (SGD $40 / 5ml)

Swatches of MUFE Aqua Rouge from the Summer 2013 Collection!

3 limited edition shades of AQUA CREAM in Pearlescent Teal, Delicate Pastel Green and Deep Iridescent
Mauve that is the perfect color combination for a fun, playful summer have also been launched - Aqua Creams are by far the most waterproof eyeshadows I have ever used in my make-up life. They hold up the whole day without creasing or smudging, and deliver intense color payoffs. Dries pretty quick though, so you have to be fast when you use them! Here are some swatches!

MUFE Aqua Cream #54 (SGD 41 / 6g)

MUFE Aqua Cream #52 (SGD 41 / 6g)

Swatches: Pearly colours from the new collection! This is with just one coat, the product can be layered on for a more intense colour payoff! 

Another great one from the collection: a limited edition shade of AQUA EYES in stunning Pearlescent Teal to excite your eyes for a day out in the sun!

MUFE Aqua Eyes in 52L (SGD 33 / 1.2g)

Summer also calls for new lipliners, and the Summer Collection boasts 2 new, mouth-watering shades of AQUA LIP in 19C Pomegranate Pink and 20C BabyPink that are the ultimate, trendy lip colors for Spring/Summer 2013. I got the pink one - my favourite colour! 

MUFE Aqua Lip Pencil in 20C (SGD 33 / 1.2g)

I decided to do a little make-up trial and incorporate the Aqua Rouge #16 Fuschia into the look - here it is!

On my lips: MUFE Aqua Summer Collection Aqua Rouge in #16 Fuschia! Loving the intensity and love, love love the hot pink colour!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Summer 2013 Collection is available in the following stores from 16 May 2013 onward:

Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora Ngee Ann City
Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Sephora Great World City
Sephora VivoCity
Sephora Plaza Singapura
Sephora Bugis+
MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy & Pro Loft
( 36 & 38 Armenian Street #01-06 & #02-06 )

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