Friday, December 28

Product Reviews - NEW! Marc Anthony True Professional 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo

Sometime back, Marc Anthony True Professional sent me their latest product to hit local shelves, the 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo! The last time I recall using a dry shampoo was years ago, when my hair was alot longer and washing it everyday was just too much of a hassle, due to my extensive daily hairstyling regime. I was indeed excited to receive this product, seeing that I'm growing my hair out and at times shampoo-ing everyday is just too tideous!

Marc Anthony True Professional 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo
When there isn’t enough time to shampoo, this residue-free 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo lets you instantly cleanse your hair without the wash while absorbing excess oil and adding volume to flat, lifeless second day hair.
It was developed with Nanotechnology and Zeolite, a micro-porous mineral, to cleanse hair without a chalky residue or gritty texture. Its invisible, extra absorbent formula lets you remove excess oil, eliminate odor and add volume. It is perfect for all hair types, styles and colors to get beautifully fresh hair between washes. You no longer have to worry about greasy, flat hair between washes.

Luscious clean and voluminous hair, after using Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo
I usually don't wash my hair on a daily basis, seeing that if I do, I have to blow-dry and straighten out the entire hair shaft again from scratch, which can be time-consuming! And more often than not, by the 2nd day of not washing my hair looks greasy and flat, something which I try to combat with back-combing and a hairdryer.
After trying this product, I was blown away at how it just absorbed up to 85% of the oil and grease in my hair, and my hair immediately fluffed up and held more volume after just a few sprays! It didn't feel heavy either, and I could immediately touch-up and re-style my hair after using the product. Cleanse and add volume in minutes without the wash! Lightly spray 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo on dry hair, concentrating on the roots area to absorb excess oil and add lift. Let it dry for one minute, and brush through to finish your style or, for a more natural finish, give your hair a gentle tousle! Fast, and simple! :)
Marc Anthony True Professional 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo is available in Watson's stores Singapore, retailing at SGD $24.90.
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Tuesday, December 25

Andy&Weave Make-Up Tutorial - White-Purple Sparkle Smokey Eyes

Bling in the holidays with some sparkle! A young, radiant make-up look to inspire you guys for the Christmas Holidays! :)

 photo IMG_39851_zps19adde14.jpg 

White-Purple Sparkle Smokey Eyes - a perfect christmas party look for day and night! :)

Hope you guys picked up a few tips and tricks! Thanks for reading! Enjoy the holidays! :)

Friday, December 7

Product Reviews - Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream

Recently, the lovely people from Marc Anthony True Professional dropped me a lovely package, and in it was one of their newly launched products, the Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream. I blow-dry my own hair on a daily basis, so I go through bottles of creams, lotions, and potions made specifically for blow-drying every month, hence I was indeed excited to receive this product!

Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream
Get a perfectly smooth blowout with this dual purpose Blow Dry Cream. It can be used on straight or curly hair for a fool-proof sleek finish blowout, or on curls for defined scrunching and diffusing.

K-Silk Complex creates a ‘protein shield’ on the cuticle to absorb damage caused by external factors (styling, hot tools, UV rays, etc.) leaving your own hair intact and stress-free. Smoothes frizzy hair, locks in moisture and adds shine. Blocks humidity for ultimate frizz-control.
 Pro Styling Tips: Apply evenly to damp hair from roots to ends.
For curly looks: scrunch and allow to dry naturally or diffuse. For straight looks: blow dry as usual.

 The first time I used this product, I was a little skeptical because most blow-dry lotions have worked more or less the same for me, my blow-out always looks perfect and tame at the beginning of the day, and slowly, my hair would become frizzier and bigger by the time the day ends. I was surprised that when I used this product, the de-frizzing and smoothing effect lasted me an entire day! My hair didn't end up looking like a lion's mane at the end of the day. The product gave me a smooth, lasting blow-out, which was absolutely perfect!

The product appears as a semi-viscous translucent white liquid, but is not greasy at all. It was easy to apply throughout my hair, and after blow-dry, and I felt no heaviness or stickiness that I would get from using heavily silicone-based hair products. My hair felt smooth to the touch, and I could run my fingers through my hair a million times and my hair would still fall nicely in place. The anti-humidity effect was a plus point too, my hair would stay tame and frizz-less for longer than it usually would! I love!

I decided to do a little trial on one of the model's I was doing hair and make-up for at a recent botique photoshoot!

On model: Before & After using Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream
 Smooth, Frizz Free Blow-Out using Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Sulfate-Free Blow-Dry Cream. All you need is a Round Brush, a Hair-dryer, and a 50-cent coin amount of this product!
For an informative video on this new product, please click HERE!
Marc Anthony True Professional products are available at Watson's stores in Singapore.
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Tuesday, November 27

Product Reviews - Make Up For Ever Holodiam Holiday Collection 2012

Sometime back, the lovely people from Make Up For Ever presented me a lovely holiday giftbag, with none other than their new Holodiam Holiday Make-Up Collection for the year. Initially I imagined a christmas make-up collection to have somewhat glittery eye make-up, which was nice but nothing too special, but Holodiam took my breathe away when I saw how the glitter pigments in it had the beautiful 3D effect. It was like having diamonds and crystals on your eyes!

Lovely giftbag from Make Up For Ever: Holodiam Holiday 2012 Collection
MUFE Holodiam Powder in #303: White Based
MUFE Holodiam Powder in #302: Red Based
MUFE Holodiam Powder in #304: Gold Based
Holodiam Powders in #303, 302 and 304; SGD $41 each
When I first got the giftbag, the first thing I did was rip open the boxes for the Holodiam powders and trying them out, I'm a sucker for all things glittery and sparkly! I've tried out tons of glitter eye make-up, and thus far, only Shu Uemura's Color Atelier collection of glitter shadows have managed to retain as one of my ultimate favourites. That was until I saw Holodiam and swatched it, I immediately fell in love.
MUFE Holodiam Powder Swatches in #303, #304, #302
The pigments give off multi-dimensional sparkle, much like what a Swarovski crystal could do if you were to wear it on your eyes. My most favourite would have to be MUFE holodiam in shade #303, a lovely and versatile white-based shade which can be layered over any boring eyeshadow color to give some life, or to be worn on its own. It reflects colors like pink, aquamarine, and peacock blue, so its great for a day look as well. #303 is more of a gold-based pigment, and reflects bronze, copper, and more brown tones, suitable to spruce up brown smokey eyes! #302 is also a very pretty reddish shade reflecting maroon and gold, suitable for an evening look, the color is a perfect match with the colors from MUFE's previous Black Tango Collection! So glamorous!

MUFE Holodiam over a White Aqua Cream Base
I tried layering on the Holodiam powders over the MUFE Aqua Cream in White which came with the gift bag, and the end result was as in the photo above! The white based Holodiam powder (#303) blended in the most, whilst the other two shades (#304, #302) became more silver based, very Christmas-y!
MUFE Limited Edition Aqua Eyes Set; SGD $65
I was also esctatic to receive the limited edition MUFE Aqua Eyes set, filled with amazing, extremely pigmented eyeliner pencils. My most favourite would have to be the black pencil, it gives off an intense matte black color, absolutely perfect for doing upper and underline, and the fact that this product is smudge-proof once dried just makes it even more lovable. To make it completely waterproof, you have to dip the pencil in a little drop of MUFE Eye Seal to get it fixed completely in place, I've used it on a couple of shoots so far, and no touch-ups required! An absolute plus point!
MUFE Costume Lashes: SGD $32
These limited edition gold-embellished lashes are so pretty! Great for a night out, and what I love about it is that its high quality stuff, and the boning of these lashes aren't stiff and hard at all. The Holodiam glitters that come with it just makes it so much more appealing too!
MUFE Aqua Seal; SGD $45
Initially I was a little confused on how to use Aqua Seal which came with the giftbag, but after 2-3 uses, I got the hang of it! The trick is to apply a small amount of the product all over the eyelid BEFORE putting on any loose shadows, to secure it in place and fix it! I used it on a shoot as an eyeshadow base, and amazingly, no creases in the eye make-up. Plus, model was sweating buckets!
MUFE Mist & Fix; SGD $48
This has got to be one of the most convenient products to carry around. Its small and lightweight, and it fixes any make-up in place! I used it on myself a few days back after putting on my usual foundation routine, and I remained fresh even after a good 10 hours of wear!
A guide from the lovely MUFE on how to achieve the perfect evening look using the new Holodiam Glitters:
Last but not least, I finally got to use Holodiam in a recent cover and editorial shoot for URBAN in the Straits Times! Yay!
Subtle, glittery brown smokey eyes using MUFE Holodiam Powder and MUFE Aqua Shadow! :)

The HOLODIAM Collection is available at all Make Up For Ever counters in Sephora Singapore, and the Make Up For Ever Academy from 8th November 2012. :)
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Sunday, November 18

Product Review - Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

Recently, I got some lovely stuff from Make Up For Ever, and one of them was the Aqua Brow Eyebrow Gel!

MUFE Aqua Brow in #15 Blonde
MUFE Aqua Brow in #25 Ash
What it is: A long-lasting, smudge-proof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines, and lengthens brows.

What it does:
Aqua Brow is a highly pigmented gel that enhances and reshapes natural brows. Its superior waterproof formula creates a strong hold while its high concentration of pigments allows for intense color payoff that will not fade. Aqua Brow’s creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result that will last all day.
On me: Eyebrows done using MUFE Aqua Brow in #25 Ash
I've always been a big fan of eyebrows, hence I'm extremely particular about how I do my own brows and I find it difficult to get any eyebrow product, be it pencil or powder, to hold up on my face through the day without smudging or fading off!
That was until I tried out Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow for the first time, and I was amazed. It was extremely easy to apply, and the product glides on so evenly on the skin, making it a breeze to achieve perfectly defined, natural looking brows under less than 2 minutes! I usually spend at least 10 minutes filling and drawing in my brows every morning using an eyebrow pencil, but I was amazed at how I managed to get the job done so much faster when I used this product. It came with a mini angled eyebrow applicator brush and a grooming brush as well so it was extremely convenient to carry around in my personal make-up pouch!
I tested out this product for a day, and I have to say, it is most DEFINITELY waterproof! I ran around from location to location for work, perspiring and such, and my brows stayed firmly in place without any signs of smudging or smearing. I took a nap one of the days with my make-up still on (I was that tired!), and when I woke up my brows were still there. I was absolutely blown away!
I've since stored away all my other brow powders and pencils. This is definitely my new holy-grail product for perfect brows!
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Eyebrow Gel can be found at the following cosmetic outlets in Singapore:
Make Up For Ever Academy - 36 Armenian Street, #01-06 & #02-06
Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora Bugis +
Sephora Vivocity
Sephora Great World City
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Sunday, September 23

Make-Up Works - Make-Up Trials

Here are some of the make-up trials I did recently, using some new products I got from O2 Skin, and Make Up For Ever!

Make-Up Works - Make-Up Trials
"Harajuku" - Orange and Purple Smokey Eyes
"Ice Queen" - White and Blue Smokey Eyes
Hair & Make-Up: Andy Razali
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Saturday, September 22

Events - Hair for Formula 1 Podium Lounge Event @ The Ritz Carlton

Just today, I did hair for the lovely models for the F1 Podium Lounge Event, held at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The look we were going for was something that was modern, that had a retro feel, so I gave the models some volume at the crown area with curls, blow-out to complement the look. Take a look!

Events - Hair for Formula 1 Podium Lounge Event @ The Ritz Carlton
Retro-Modern Look for the girls!
Hair: Andy Razali
Make-Up: Hannah Oh
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Wednesday, September 19

Product Reviews - Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum

Sometime back, I received a package from the lovely people at Matrix haircare. In it, were an array of hair products from the Design Pulse Range, mainly hairsprays and hair-waxes for styling. But what caught my eye, was of course the Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum!
Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum gives hair lasting, lustrous shine for a smooth, polished finish, and frizz-control. Suitable for normal to coarse hair.

Mixed:  Soften and shine any styler.
Pure:  On damp hair for a good blowout, on dry hair to add radiance.
Soft, mega-shiny hair using Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum!
When I saw that this product promised a mega-shine boost, immediately I had the initial impression that it was probably going to leave my hair looking greasy and oily. To my surprise, when I applied it prior to my daily blow-dry and flat-iron routine, I realised that the texture of this product was extremely light, and the fruity citrus smell was an added bonus as well!
It squeezed out as a transparent liquid, and the nozzle design was perfect in a sense that it doesnt make you squeeze out more than you need. I only had to apply about two pumps of this product, to achieve extra shiny, healthy looking hair.
In using this product, I ran about two pumps of it through my damp hair, blow-dried it, did my flat-ironing, and once done, I ran through one pump of serum throughout the entire dry hair-shaft, and I was amazed at how much more GLOSSY my hair was. Another plus point was that it didn't weigh my hair down at all, throughout the day! I have gone through alot of hair serums from other brands, and so far, this is the ONLY one that felt so light, and delivered such intense shine. It was as if I had naturally shiny frizz-free hair.
I have used this product on some of my clients and on a couple of editorial shoots as well, and it has delivered similar results on all the different hair textures I've put it on! Absolutely amazing.
 I can officially say, this is my new Holy Grail Hair Product which I need to have in my personal and professional hair kit, always.
 Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum can be found in professional MATRIX salons.
Price range for this product varies according to the salon you purchase from, but the average price for a product like this would be per say between SGD $30-SGD $50 per bottle.
To locate a MATRIX salon near you, simply go to their website,
type in your address or postal code in the Salon Locator Search Bar, and you'll get the address of the nearest one to you. :)
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Monday, September 17

Andy&Weave Make-Up Tutorial - Everyday Basic Foundation, Conceal & Contour

Hey guys! I recently did a make-up tutorial video as requested by one of my fans, on Everyday Basic Foundation, Concealing & Contouring!


Thanks for watching! Hope you guys enjoyed the video. :)
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Sunday, September 16

Bridal Make-Up & Hair - Sirah (Malay Bridal Engagement)

Recently, I did hair and make-up for one of my brides, Sirah, for her engagement ceremony. Her outfit was the traditional Malay Bridal outfit with a modern twist, so we played up with her look and gave her a feminine modern curly bob with make-up that had youthful colors to brighten up her face and match her outfit. Take a look!

Bridal Make-Up & Hair - Sirah (Malay Bridal Engagement Ceremony)
Before and After - Sirah
The lovely bride.
Hair/Make-Up Artist with the Bride! Congratulations on your engagement dear!
Hair & Make-Up: Andy Razali
For more photos, please click HERE.
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Monday, September 3

ESQUIRE Magazine Offcial Launch Party @ MAJ Aviation

Andy&Weave was the official hair and make-up for the Esquire Singapore Magazine official launch party held at MAJ Aviation Centre last weekend!

A happening, celebrity-graced event, the Andy&Weave hair and make-up duo dolled up the lovely models for the event, as well grooming for celebrity host, Captain Ollie Pettigrew using cosmetics from the lovely Make Up For Ever and hair products from Design Pulse by Matrix.
Official Hair & Make-Up Sponsor-
ESQUIRE Magazine Offcial Launch Party @ MAJ Aviation

Official Hair & Make-Up: Andy&Weave using Make Up For Ever and Matrix Professional
Esquire Singapore Event
Backstage: Work In Progress
Backstage: Work In Progress by the lovely assistant Sirah

Models all prepped for the show!
Did make-up for celebrity host Oli Pettigrew for the night!
Me and the lovely models/air hostesses
Sneaked in a cover shot at the event!
Make-Up Products for the evening were provided by the lovely MAKE UP FOR EVER
Hair Products for the evening were provided by the fab people from MATRIX Professional 
For more photos from the Esquire Official Launch, please visit the Andy&Weave Facebook Fanpage HERE.
Hair & Make-Up: Andy Razali assisted by Sirah Rahman
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Sunday, August 26

ZALORA: The Fashion Empire Official Launch @ Zouk

Zalora recently had an official by-invite only launch party at Zouk, and Andy&Weave was one of the official hair for the entire event, supported by Design Pulse by Matrix, one of the leading haircare and hairstyling product brands in the USA.

Take a look at some behind the scenes shots of the event and the prep process! :)
Official Hair Sponsor-
ZALORA: The Fashion Empire Official Launch @ Zouk
Andy&Weave is the official hair sponsor for Zalora: The Fashion Empire
Backstage: Work in Progress 
 One of the male models for the Fashion Show: Tousled Hair
One of the female models for the Fashion Show: Editorial Teased Out Curls
Finale for the Fashion Show!
Hey Goodlooking Pageant Result Announcements!
Mr and Mrs Hey Goodlooking!
Special thanks to Matrix for providing some lovely hair products for the event! :)
To view more photos from the event, please visit the Andy&Weave Facebook Album HERE.
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Saturday, August 25

Hair & Make-Up - Cinematic by Tawan Conchonnet

Recently, I did make-up and hair for a photographed by the lovely Tawan Conchonnet. The concept was very natural and cinematic, so I gave model McKenzie barely there make-up with slightly smokey eyes, and tousled out of bed hair. Take a look!

Hair & Make-Up -Cinematic by Tawan Conchonnet
Photography: Tawan Conchonnet
Hair & Make-Up: Andy Razali using Make Up For Ever
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