Tuesday, April 28

Studio Shoot by Phyo's Photography

I recently styled for a studio photoshoot shot by photographer Danny Phyo (Phyo's Photography). Two models were in for this photoshoot, Shikin and Sihah, with make-up artist Puvanes Neshrin. Take a look!

Medium Curls Setting was done on model Shikin Mahmod, and Updo and Styling was done on model Sihah Rahman.


Photography by Danny Phyo (www.flickr.com/photos/dannyphyo)
Models: Shikin Mahmod & Sihah Rahman

Make Up: Puvanes Neshrin
Hair by Andy&Weave (Andy Razali)

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Wednesday, April 1

Elliot Westacott Photography

I recently styled for a photoshoot with photographer Elliot Westacott, model Andrina Wolff, and make up artist Sarah Chaudhry. For this shoot, the model had two different looks. For the first look, the model's hair was styled to achieve natural flow and texture using blowdry. For the second, her hair was pulled back to give a smooth sleek finish. Take a look!


Photography by Elliot Westacott
Model: Andrina Wolff
Make Up: Sarah Chaudhry (http://facesbysarah.com)
Hair by Andy&Weave (Andy Razali)

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