Friday, June 20

Rock Chic

I recently did a hair photoshoot with twins, Seha (yellow) and Sirah (pink). Sirah came in with straight shoulder-blade length hair, and Seha had wavy strap length hair. I gave Sirah long hair extensions to take on the casual chic theme, whilst Seha was given defined waves, which was later pinned up and styled to suit her rocker girl theme.

Hair extensions and temporary straightening was done on model Sirah to achieve length and smoothness. Med Curls setting was done on Seha to achieve defined bouncy waves, and basic styling was done to add variation to her look.



Behind the Scenes

Models: Seha R,Sirah R.
Make Up: Salwa I.
Hair by Andy R.
Photo Credits to

For more pictures from the "Rock Chic" photoshoot, please visit our Andy&Weave Hair Gallery.

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Tuesday, June 10

Straight Curves

I recently had a photoshoot with latest hair model, Renee. She came in with frizzy roots and straight ends with a parting to the side, and longed for the sleek smooth naturally straight look ala Jennifer Aniston. And that was exactly what I gave her. Take a look!

Temporary Straightening was done on model Renee, combined with blowdry to add volume and shape.



Model: Renee H.
Hair by Andy R.
Photo Credits by Henna A.

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Tuesday, June 3

Classy Curly Updo

I did an indoor and outdoor hair photoshoot recently with my latest hair model Aisyah. She came in with naturally wavy hair, which was not as glamorous as it could have been. I gave her tight curls which was later put up into an updo design. Take a look!

Tight curls setting was done on model Aisyah to achieve a classic shape for the updo. Her bangs were then blowdried to create natural movement.



Model: Aisyah M.
Make Up: Shamsydar Ani
Hairdo: Andy R.
Photo credits by Henna Ansar


Shamsydar Ani, Andy&Weave's affiliate make up artist. Shamsydar does excellent make up, and at affordable prices. For photoshoot "Classy Curly Updo", she made up model Aisyah, and as one of her clients, I think she did a wonderful job of transforming her to absolutely gorgeous. I would highly recommend her service to anyone out there looking to have their make-up professionally done for that special occasion. To engage or enquire regarding Shamsydar's make-up services, feel free to text or call: 93692651.