Friday, June 20

Rock Chic

I recently did a hair photoshoot with twins, Seha (yellow) and Sirah (pink). Sirah came in with straight shoulder-blade length hair, and Seha had wavy strap length hair. I gave Sirah long hair extensions to take on the casual chic theme, whilst Seha was given defined waves, which was later pinned up and styled to suit her rocker girl theme.

Hair extensions and temporary straightening was done on model Sirah to achieve length and smoothness. Med Curls setting was done on Seha to achieve defined bouncy waves, and basic styling was done to add variation to her look.



Behind the Scenes

Models: Seha R,Sirah R.
Make Up: Salwa I.
Hair by Andy R.
Photo Credits to

For more pictures from the "Rock Chic" photoshoot, please visit our Andy&Weave Hair Gallery.

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