Wednesday, May 29

Behind the Scenes - Andy&Weave Bridal Shoot

Just last week, I brought two white wedding dresses out for a little shoot, in collaboration with Shamsydar of Shamysdar Ani Photography, to bring you an up and coming bridal package! The concept of the shoot was to celebrate brides in all their glamour, hence I mixed it up and dolled my models Belinda and Sofia in matching yet different styles of hair and make-up, to complement yet still maintain a distinction from each other. After all, every bridal look is unique to me! Here are some behind the scenes photos of their looks:

My Diva Bride - Belinda sporting a classy textured updo, embellished with a sparkling diamond hairpiece, accompanied by classic smokey eyes and a strong red lip - totally Monroe Inspired!

My Sweet and Feminine Bride - Sofia sporting a half-up half down ombre hairdo using Andy&Weave's signature extensions, accompanied by a pastel colored make-up palette and flower accessories!

The Feminine Bride meets the Diva Bride - same but different! :)

Close up of Sofia's Hair and Make-Up; Ombre hair effect was achieved using Andy&Weave's signature hair extensions in Saffron Blonde! 

Close Up of Bel's Hair & Make-Up; Big Updo was achieved using Andy&Weave's signature hair extensions in Dark Brown!

Decided to get creative and came up with this updo on random! Loving the blonde! :)

Apart from that, Andy&Weave is proud to announce the launch of a new bridal package in collaboration with Shamsydar Ani Photography, to bring you hair, make-up and photography services at affordable prices! We offer packages catered to Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Caucasian weddings: all races basically, just let us know what you need and we will be right with you planning for your big day!

 For more enquiries, please feel free to drop an e-mail to

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P.S. Actual photos from the Andy&Weave Bridal Shoot coming up soon! Stay tuned folks! :)

Sunday, May 26

Celebrity - Hair & Make-Up for MunaHirzi

Just a few days back, the fabulous comedian duo Munah & Hirzi engaged me to do their hair and make-up for a huge event, the Social Star Awards! The event was graced by Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Psy, Aerosmith, so it was a pretty big deal and I had to ensure that both of them looked fab on the red carpet for interviews and photos!

Munah wore a cute pink and cream short babydoll dress, and Hirzi wore a blush-white suave yet casual tux, so I decided on hairdos that were formal, yet not too uptight and make-up that was red-carpet ready for the comedic duo! Here are some photos!

Make-Up & Hair for Munah - using my all time fav MUFE Technicolor Palette: I used mainly the irridescent brown, dark brown and white for the eyework! 
A fan photo I got off the web of MunaHirzi's make-up and hair in natural light. Glowing and fresh! 

Red (Black) Carpet Glam - I love it!

A quick snap before the duo had to run off for their red carpet debut: along with my little brother Andre whose been a huge fan of theirs since he started watching their videos on Youtube!

I absolutely love dolling people up for red carpet! Totally reminds me of Hollywood. Hopefully one day I'd get to go there and do hair and make-up! :D

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Saturday, May 25

Published Work - InspirAsian for Audi Star Creations (Audi Fashion Festival 2013 Campaign)

Just a few days back, I was walking along the streets of Orchard Road, making my way to one of the malls for a job with Sunsilk that morning. As I was walking, I noticed something very familiar on the banners that were billowing on the sides of the road, it looked like one of my past works I've done! Immediately I snapped a photo, and nonetheless, it was confirmed, I had done the make-up and hair for that shoot. Here it is!

Audi Star Creations - Audi Fashion Festival Banner along Orchard Road!

Behind the Scenes Shot of the Hair and Make-Up for model Erika
I used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Rouge in #8 Iconic Red, the perfect red lipstick! Accompanying that, I also used Aqua Brow in #25 Ash for defined sculpted brows, HD Foundation for a natural flawless finish, Aqua Shadow to add some definition to her eyelids, and of course my must-have Make Up For Ever HD Powder to set this look. I absolutely love how the photos turned out on camera! Absolutely refined. :)
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Friday, May 24

Product Reviews - Laisite Pro Three-Barrel Waver Hair Iron

For the longest time ever, I had always wanted to get myself a three-barrel waver iron. I remember sourcing Ebay and online stores for it, as it is not readily available where I live (in Singapore), as compared to the highly commercialised curling irons and flat-irons. But nonetheless, I never went ahead to get it because of the ridiculous shipping charges.

A few months back, I was at the BeautyAsia 2013 Fair, and I went absolutely crazy grabbing various beauty essentials, from nail polish colours, to make-up, and hair equipment!

Lo and behold I bumped into a MagicBoo booth selling just what I have always wanted to buy to complete my hair kit! As always, I threw it in my shopping bag without thinking twice. And here it is now in my room!

Laisite Pro Three Barrel Waver Iron (Retail Price: around SGD $106)

When I tried it out for the first time, I fell in love with it. It heated up so rapidly, I barely waited a minute and it was ready to combat the thickest of hair! 

Adjustable Temperature Control - from 160 to 220 degrees for fine to thick hair!

The three barrel waver makes texturising work alot easier for someone who does hair and make-up for others, as it is easier to control as compared to a curling iron. The end result of the waves produced is more relaxed, uniform and even as well! This tool is popularly known to create signature "beach-looks", donned by Hollywood celebrities such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! 

Ashley Olsen wearing a hairdo created by a Three-Barrel Waver Hair Iron!

Here's the result when I tried it out on some lovely models at a recent shoot!

Result on fine limp straight hair - adds texture, body!

Result on thick wavy hair! Makes it even bigger!

Laisite Pro Three Barrel Waver Hair Iron is available at Magicboo, retailing at about SGD $106.

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Monday, May 20

Product Reviews - Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Make-Up Brushes

After I got hold of my Sigma brushes a few weeks back, I decided that I needed MORE colorful make-up brushes to complete my make-up kit, so I decided to go back on the hunt! I didn't want to get anything too pricey, and I'm a HUGE fan of make-up brushes that come in sets, I think its more functional and complete that way! So, I gave the Real Techniques brushes a shot!

Just recently, they arrived in a nice big box!

My Real Techniques Brush Haul!

I sourced their website for a good hour before deciding that I wanted to get the three different sets available, namely the Travel Essentials, Starter, and the Core Collection set! The individual brushes were great as well, but I felt like the sets were more bang for their buck!

A bigger picture- Left to Right; Travel Essential, Starter, and Core Collection Sets

About the Brushes

  1. Ultra-plush taklon bristles for high-definition results
  2. Extended aluminum ferrules for light, easy use
  3. Brush names for quick reference
  4. Self-standing bases* for countertop display
  5. Panoramic brush cases included with sets for travel or display
Travel Essentials Set - On Location

Multi Task Brush - for effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer

Essential Foundation Brush - to build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer

Domed Shadow Brush - tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes

Starter Set - Your Eyes Enhanced

Left to Right: 1.Deluxe Crease Brush, 2. Base Shadow Brush, 3. Accent Brush, 4. Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush, 5. Brow Brush

1. Deluxe Crease Brush - Soft, oversized design for effortless eye contouring
2. Base Shadow Brush - Applies a smooth flawless foundation of color
3. Accent Brush - Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging
4. Pixel Point Eyliner Brush - Tapered Cut ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application
5. Brow Brush - Distinctive Shape easily defines eyebrows

Core Collection Set - Your Base/ Flawless

Left to Right: 1. Contour Brush, 2. Pointed Foundation Brush, 3. Detailer Brush, 4. Buffing Brush

1. Contour Brush - delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish
2. Pointed Foundation Brush - use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
3. Detailer Brush - Precision Cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas, or use with lipstick for long lasting shape and definition
4. Buffing Brush - Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

The brush sets also came in their own cases, which I found was a bonus, as these cases could stand on their own and create a exhibition-like feel!

Stand-alone Fold-able Case for great display!

Extremely convenient, I can fold them away compact into my bag when I need to be on the run, and put them back out on display when I need to use them! The cases and brush-rolls I currently own all don't have this multi-purpose ability, hence, these brush sets get a plus point from me! :)

Real Techniques Brushes can be found on their website, or locally at You may also find it at international website :)

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Sunday, May 19

Product Reviews - NEW Make Up For Ever HD Powder Packaging

Recently I was invited to the new re-launch of Make Up For Ever High Definition Loose Powder in its new improved packaging. As always, I was excited to go for their product demonstration/lesson, hence I didn't put on any make-up at all before heading down; a rare sight!

Product Demonstration on my face by MUFE Artist Didi, using MUFE HD Primer and the new and improved MUFE HD Powder!

From the event, the lovely people at Make Up For Ever gave me a little HD goodie bag with stuff to try out on my own at home: HD Primer (SGD $67), HD Microfinish Puff (SGD $15), HD Powder (SGD $57), Kabuki Brush (SGD $85)

Click to enlarge!

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Powder (SGD $57)

Make Up For Ever Kabuki Brush (SGD $85)

Close Up of the MUFE Kabuki Brush, Super Soft Synthetic Bristles; feels just like animal hair minus the cruelty!

MUFE Microfinish Powder Puff (SGD $15)


Click to enlarge!

MUFE HD Primer #5 (SGD $67)

One of the best primers I've tried so far. Even my 2-way powder makeup stays on the whole day with this miracle product! I'm currently using #7, a slightly pinkish shade.

The effect of MUFE HD Primer #5 with flash: More glowy skin and a less yellow undertone!

The new and improved MUFE HD Powder Packaging:

MUFE HD Powder in the new PATENTED packaging: larger width and a built in sifter!

The NEW and IMPROVED packaging comes slightly wider jar-width for practical use and a tailor made sifter to prevent product fall-outs and wastage, so that application is easy, clean and economical! I've had experience whereby my HD Powder in the old packaging would go all over the place because there was no sifter, and the smaller packaging was handy, just that my fat powder brush couldn't swivel around in it! With the new packaging, I can easily use my fat powder brushes and dip them in the jar without making a huge mess, and before I shut the cap tight, dust off any excess product to keep neat!

MUFE HD Powder in the old packaging: It is slightly harder to control the amount of product that comes out!

MUFE HD Powder capped after opening: Powder falls out due to excess product!

As seen in the first photo of this blogpost, MUFE Artist Didi was doing a demonstration on me using products from the MUFE HD Range, whilst doing a fantastic job at teaching me the steps on how to use the products on my own face. You too can learn more about how to do so by attending MUFE's 30 minute quick and easy classes!

For bookings, call 83810760 to ask for your personalised class!

Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Range can be found at these locations.

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Saturday, May 18

HAUL - Sigma Beauty Make Me Blush Travel Brush Kit

A few weeks back, I was crawling the internet and I decided to check out the much raved about Sigma brushes! I've heard from a number of friends about these brushes, how they are worth their buck and are totally functional, so I decided to purchase a set for myself!

SIGMA Beauty Make Me Blush Travel Kit (USD $65 + approx USD $20 shipping to SG)

I ordered the Make Me Blush Travel Kit, seeing that the entire set was in PINK, and I am a sucker for anything in that color! The fact that it came with a nice cup-like holder made it more appealing as well, as I would be able to ensure that my brushes won't get squashed in my huge make-up luggage when I go for jobs!

Waiting for the brushes to arrive was an excruciating two weeks after I ordered from SIGMA's website, but when they did, I was jumping for joy! I clearly recall getting out of bed at 2 a.m in the morning to go to the bathroom, and when I saw the white parcel on my table, I turned on all the lights in my room, ripped it open in excitement, and couldn't fall asleep for the rest of the night. I was THAT excited about these PINK brushes!

The Sigma Beauty Make Me Blush Travel Kit was specially designed for a fun yet functional makeup application. This kit contains seven travel-size brushes from the best-selling SIGMA Essential Kit. The brushes come in an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish and organized on the go.

Brushes included:

F30 - Large Powder: Even powder application. Uniform blending of powder products onto the face and body.

F60 - Foundation: Smooth foundation application. Apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.

E40 - Tapered Blending: Soft blended crease. Using just the tips to apply color, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish.

E55 - Eye Shading: Even application of color. Place color across the whole lid for an even and strong application of product.

E65 - Small Angle: Create precise lining. Moves fluidly and easily across the upper and lower lash lines. Use with gel, cream or powder liners.

E30 - Pencil: Soften and smoke out lines. Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes or use to highlight inner corner of eyes.

F40 - Large Angled Contour: Subtle cheek application. Use the angle to softly contour the cheekbone. Can also be used to apply blush.

I had a make-up and hair job the following day after I got the brushes, and I went crazy using ALL of them! It was a breeze to control, was soft to the skin, and I felt so happy whenever I looked at those PINK brushes! Here was the look I came up with!

Super fine make-up application, all using SIGMA's Make Me Blush Travel Kit!

SIGMA brushes come in professional sets, as well as individually. You can check them out here on their website at Shop away my beauty addicts, don't forget to get a brush or two in your favourite colour! 

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