Thursday, May 16

Product Reviews - NEW Marc Anthony Dream Waves Amplifying Collection

Just yesterday, I received a package from the lovely people at Marc Anthony True Professional, and initially, I was wondering what on earth was in the parcel!

I ripped it open as soon as I got home, and to my surprise, this was what I saw!
A thermo-bag with a plastic yellow hibiscus hairclip attached to the straps!
I zipped open the bag, and in it was the NEW Dream Waves Amplifying Collection from Marc Anthony True Professional!
Left: Dream Waves Sulfate Free Amplifying Shampoo (250ml, SGD $19.90), Center: (My FAV!) Dream Waves Beach Spray (125ml, SGD $21.90), Right, Dream Waves Sulfate Free Amplifying Conditioner (250ml, SGD $19.90)
Achieve fresh from the beach, tousled waves anytime, anywhere:
Start with AMPLIFYING SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER to prepare your hair for a full day of volume and texture. The hidden treasure, special CONDITIONING polymers to help add BODY to limp hair, create an EXTRA WAVY bounce and BLOCK HUMIDITY for longer lasting style. Hydrolyzed Silk and Provitamin B5 add MOISTURE and HIGH SHINE.
Follow with the old times favourite, BEACH SPRAY. It creates natural effortless, beach hair worn loose, soft and wavy. It adds body and texture to straight, fine strands, or pumps up the curl in already wavy hair. Hydrolyzed Silk and Provitamin B5 add MOISTURE and HIGH SHINE. Powerful UV Protectors absorb UV light to protect from harmful sun exposure, dehydration and color-fade. You're left with manageable, touchable, waves. Spray evenly all over damp or dry hair, scrunch it to boost its volume, texture, and wave. For maximum fullness and bounce, blow-dry with a diffuser while scrunching.
Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Waves Sulfate-Free Amplifying Shampoo (250ml, SGD$19.90)
The moment I got the products, I immediately tried them out as I'm personally a HUGE fan of volume. I love hair that's full of volume and texture, and I was curious to see how these products would work on my hair! The shampoo had a pearly sheen, and the texture was smooth, and it thoroughly cleansed out my hair in just one wash, no residue was left but one thing was, it did get my hair a little tangled! Which was expected, due to the fact that I was supposed to use a conditioner that came along with it.
Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Waves Sulfate-Free Amplifying Conditioner (250ml, SGD$19.90)
The conditioner was a dream to use. It was opaque white, and was rich in natural oils that were good for your tresses! It, along with the shampoo, smelt like fresh coconuts and salt water mixed, so I felt like I was on the beach whilst washing my hair! It smoothed out all the tangles I had, and didn't have the heavy silicone feel at all.
Dream Waves Beach Spray (125ml, SGD $21.90)
Lastly, I spritzed on a tiny bit of Dream Waves Beach Spray in my hair to get it to texture up! Words cannot express how much I love this product. I have two right now, as I stock up on it to use on my clients and jobs all the time! From my memory, I've repurchased this product close to six times, as I use it up so quickly! The one without the cap in the photo is evidently an old bottle, so I was esctatic to be able to receive another bottle again in the package!
It smells heavenly, like coconuts and the sea, and it does wonders for flat limp hair. I flat-iron my hair on a daily basis, so I always end up with a flat head of pin straight hair. But, with this product, my hair looks blow-dried, full of volume and texture just the way I love it!
I've tried this product out on a client of mine sometime back, and here were the results of a curling tong and some of this miracle Dream Waves Beach Spray!
Bouncy, Textured, Separated Curls, from Flat Straight Hair!
Here is a photo collage of my hair once I was done with using the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Amplifying Collection!
Straight hair, that is full of volume, body and texture, despite using a flat iron! Looks like I got my hair professionally blown out at a salon! Love it.
Marc Anthony True Professional retails exclusively at Watsons Singapore. To find a Watson's store near you, click HERE!
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