Sunday, May 26

Celebrity - Hair & Make-Up for MunaHirzi

Just a few days back, the fabulous comedian duo Munah & Hirzi engaged me to do their hair and make-up for a huge event, the Social Star Awards! The event was graced by Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Psy, Aerosmith, so it was a pretty big deal and I had to ensure that both of them looked fab on the red carpet for interviews and photos!

Munah wore a cute pink and cream short babydoll dress, and Hirzi wore a blush-white suave yet casual tux, so I decided on hairdos that were formal, yet not too uptight and make-up that was red-carpet ready for the comedic duo! Here are some photos!

Make-Up & Hair for Munah - using my all time fav MUFE Technicolor Palette: I used mainly the irridescent brown, dark brown and white for the eyework! 
A fan photo I got off the web of MunaHirzi's make-up and hair in natural light. Glowing and fresh! 

Red (Black) Carpet Glam - I love it!

A quick snap before the duo had to run off for their red carpet debut: along with my little brother Andre whose been a huge fan of theirs since he started watching their videos on Youtube!

I absolutely love dolling people up for red carpet! Totally reminds me of Hollywood. Hopefully one day I'd get to go there and do hair and make-up! :D

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