Friday, May 24

Product Reviews - Laisite Pro Three-Barrel Waver Hair Iron

For the longest time ever, I had always wanted to get myself a three-barrel waver iron. I remember sourcing Ebay and online stores for it, as it is not readily available where I live (in Singapore), as compared to the highly commercialised curling irons and flat-irons. But nonetheless, I never went ahead to get it because of the ridiculous shipping charges.

A few months back, I was at the BeautyAsia 2013 Fair, and I went absolutely crazy grabbing various beauty essentials, from nail polish colours, to make-up, and hair equipment!

Lo and behold I bumped into a MagicBoo booth selling just what I have always wanted to buy to complete my hair kit! As always, I threw it in my shopping bag without thinking twice. And here it is now in my room!

Laisite Pro Three Barrel Waver Iron (Retail Price: around SGD $106)

When I tried it out for the first time, I fell in love with it. It heated up so rapidly, I barely waited a minute and it was ready to combat the thickest of hair! 

Adjustable Temperature Control - from 160 to 220 degrees for fine to thick hair!

The three barrel waver makes texturising work alot easier for someone who does hair and make-up for others, as it is easier to control as compared to a curling iron. The end result of the waves produced is more relaxed, uniform and even as well! This tool is popularly known to create signature "beach-looks", donned by Hollywood celebrities such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! 

Ashley Olsen wearing a hairdo created by a Three-Barrel Waver Hair Iron!

Here's the result when I tried it out on some lovely models at a recent shoot!

Result on fine limp straight hair - adds texture, body!

Result on thick wavy hair! Makes it even bigger!

Laisite Pro Three Barrel Waver Hair Iron is available at Magicboo, retailing at about SGD $106.

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