Monday, April 22

Celebrity - Hairdo for Hayley Westenra

A few days back, I was engaged to do hair for Hayley Westenra, an established Kiwi singer from New Zealand, for her big charity concert with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. This marked the second time Hayley has engaged me to do her hair for her Singapore-based events, I was truly honored! Seeing her elegant and poised personality, I immediately knew what hairdo suited her that evening: a greek goddess look! Here are some photos!

Celebrity - Hairdo for Hayley Westenra 

A greek-goddess inspired look for Hayley: Concert with the SSO! :)

I realised I haven't posted photos or videos of the previous time I did hair for Hayley during the David Foster & Friends Concert in Nov 2012, so here they are!

Hairdo for Hayley: David Foster & Friends Concert Nov 2012

Photos with the stars: Dirty Loops, Paul Young, and lovely Hayley! 

Here are some videos of Hayley in the hairdos I have done for her in the past years during her time in Singapore, for various interviews and stage shows:

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Saturday, April 20

Events - Pashma @ VIP Fashion Night at Marina Bay Sands

Sometime back, I did a job at Marina Bay Sands, for fashion brand PASHMA. It was an interactive event, with guests and fashion bloggers from all over Singapore coming down to check out the latest in VIP Fashion Night Out. I was basically in charge of giving makeovers for the guests there, and the lovely people from Make Up For Ever collaborated with me on the project by providing me with some fabulous HD cosmetics to work with. Here are pictures from the event!

Taking charge of the Pashma make-up booth, I'm giving beauty advice to a guest!

Complimentary Makeovers by Pashma, administered by me! :)

Today, I am using everything Make Up For Ever, I love their cosmetics, lasts and have superb pigmentation!

 A dramatic before and after change using MUFE Technicolor Palette, Aqua Cream, and Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick!

Evening Smokey Eyes - Brown Tones using MUFE Aqua Shadow and Technicolor Palette

Subtle Smokey Eyes and Madonna Red Lips using MUFE Technicolor Palette and Aqua Rouge 

Just a blush of colour - a natural look using MUFE Aqua Shadow and Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

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Wednesday, April 17

Make-Up Works - Make-Up Trials

Here is what I've been up to when I've some free time at home; fiddling around with make-up!

Dramatic Blue and Black Angled Cut-Crease Look using my all time favourite Kryolan and Make Up For Ever.

Decided to be adventurous and try out GREY as an alternative to my usual black and dark brown for smokey eyes, using L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro Quintet in Open Stellar!

My Sugarpill Burning Heart and Sweetheart Palettes arrived in the mail the week I did this, and ripped them out and tried them on with some glitters and Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams!

Decided to do a subtle yet colorful look using my Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette and Kryolan eyeshadows.

An Indonesian Make-Up Look - Krisdayanti Inspired Gold and Black Smokey Eyes, with Heavy white Highlight, a signature in Indo-Style Make-Up!

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Tuesday, April 16

NEW! - Make Up For Ever White Definition Range

Sometime back, I received an easter package from the lovely people at Make Up For Ever. In it, was products from the new and improved White Definition Range, complete with a Powder Foundation Re-fill, a Compact Powder Casing, SPF Primer, and a Sculpting Kit! I couldn't wait to try it all out on my face!

WHITE DEFINITION is the expert instant brightening powder foundation specially formulated for Asian skin. Its state-of-the-art formula contains an optimum blend of the finest-quality powders and pigments, and also incorporates high-level UVA/UVB protection. Paired with instant brightening capabilities, this product is every Asian woman's (and mine) dream.

I've always loved looking fairer, and I can say that I will do anything in my power to keep from being tan. I also use make-up that's about 1-2 shades fairer than my own skintone, apply sunblock everyday, because I just can't live with how dull my skin looks naturally! Hence, when I heard about the WHITE DEFINTION range, I immediately went crazy!

The WHITE DEFINITION Range used to only have four shades, but recently, in the new re-launch, they have introduced two NEW shades, so 6 shades in total, to cater from fair, to tan folks!

I got the second darkest shade #40 from the range, makes sense, seeing that I'm an olive-undertone:
MUFE White Definition Casing + Foundation Powder Refill in #40
The dual sided sponge applicator! One s very soft, while theother side is flocked! The softer side is gives medium to full coverage while the flocked side provides a more lighter sheer finish! One sponge = dual functions, great!  
This before and after was taken after I went for the Instant Brightening Lesson with lovely make-up artist Saffron from MUFE, who applied the products on me whilst teaching me how to use them the proper way! I love how natural a makeover job she did on me using WHITE DEFINTION, everything was a perfect match and I learnt so many new things about make-up application on my own face!
I had a long-day out, and as I caught glimpses of myself in the mirror, I did notice that my complexion indeed look BRIGHTER than usual. I barely had any sleep the night before due to tons of work that had to be done, but I looked like I had perfect rest. I was amazed at how it held up throughout the day, but I did notice that I started to get a little oily about 4 hours after having it on. Apart from that, the fact that I didn't look dull anymore, made me even more excited about receiving the product!
In the package came some other stuff, such as the SPF 50/PA+ UV Primer, as well as the Sculpting Kit, which I have become heavily dependent on!
MUFE SPF 50 UV Prime - Make-Up Primer

Product Consistency - A white opaque fluid; very much like sunscreen!

The effect of MUFE UV Prime on my skin: Corrects the yellowness, and gives you a fairer undertone, giving a perfect base for the rest of your make-up!
I also bagged a SCULPTING KIT from the easter package. For those who are unclear of what a sculpting kit is for, it is basically consistent of a highlighter and a bronzer, made to highlight certain features of the face; the top of the cheekbones, chin, nose bridge, and contour; sides of nose, base of the cheekbones, jawline, to give the appearance of slimmer and more defined features!
The effect of using MUFE Sculpting Kit: a more defined nose bridge, brightened undereye, slimmer jawline, and gives off a totally mannequin-like effect to the face! I personally LOVE it!
Here's the effect of using ALL of the products from the WHITE DEFINTION range which I received!
Natural -Looking Glowing Skin, Defined Features and Nose, and Make-Up that holds up!
Apart from the fabulous easter package, lovely Make Up For Ever also invited me for a Instant Brightening Lesson at their little school in Ngee Ann City! As mentioned earlier in this post, I was tend to by make-up artist Saffron, a friendly and totally knowledgeable artist who taught me so many new things! Classes go at only SGD $30, and last 30 minutes, and you will be blown away at how easy it is to do your make-up after picking up tips from other pros on doing your own face!
Where the lesson was conducted: cosy, comfortable and surrounded by make-up!
More details on the various types of classes conducted at the school; Please click to enlarge! :)
MAKE UP FOR EVER WHITE DEFINTION Powder Foundation Set retails at SGD $20 for the CASING and SGD $65 for the Powder Foundation, and can be found these locations. :)
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