Tuesday, April 16

NEW! - Make Up For Ever White Definition Range

Sometime back, I received an easter package from the lovely people at Make Up For Ever. In it, was products from the new and improved White Definition Range, complete with a Powder Foundation Re-fill, a Compact Powder Casing, SPF Primer, and a Sculpting Kit! I couldn't wait to try it all out on my face!

WHITE DEFINITION is the expert instant brightening powder foundation specially formulated for Asian skin. Its state-of-the-art formula contains an optimum blend of the finest-quality powders and pigments, and also incorporates high-level UVA/UVB protection. Paired with instant brightening capabilities, this product is every Asian woman's (and mine) dream.

I've always loved looking fairer, and I can say that I will do anything in my power to keep from being tan. I also use make-up that's about 1-2 shades fairer than my own skintone, apply sunblock everyday, because I just can't live with how dull my skin looks naturally! Hence, when I heard about the WHITE DEFINTION range, I immediately went crazy!

The WHITE DEFINITION Range used to only have four shades, but recently, in the new re-launch, they have introduced two NEW shades, so 6 shades in total, to cater from fair, to tan folks!

I got the second darkest shade #40 from the range, makes sense, seeing that I'm an olive-undertone:
MUFE White Definition Casing + Foundation Powder Refill in #40
The dual sided sponge applicator! One s very soft, while theother side is flocked! The softer side is gives medium to full coverage while the flocked side provides a more lighter sheer finish! One sponge = dual functions, great!  
This before and after was taken after I went for the Instant Brightening Lesson with lovely make-up artist Saffron from MUFE, who applied the products on me whilst teaching me how to use them the proper way! I love how natural a makeover job she did on me using WHITE DEFINTION, everything was a perfect match and I learnt so many new things about make-up application on my own face!
I had a long-day out, and as I caught glimpses of myself in the mirror, I did notice that my complexion indeed look BRIGHTER than usual. I barely had any sleep the night before due to tons of work that had to be done, but I looked like I had perfect rest. I was amazed at how it held up throughout the day, but I did notice that I started to get a little oily about 4 hours after having it on. Apart from that, the fact that I didn't look dull anymore, made me even more excited about receiving the product!
In the package came some other stuff, such as the SPF 50/PA+ UV Primer, as well as the Sculpting Kit, which I have become heavily dependent on!
MUFE SPF 50 UV Prime - Make-Up Primer

Product Consistency - A white opaque fluid; very much like sunscreen!

The effect of MUFE UV Prime on my skin: Corrects the yellowness, and gives you a fairer undertone, giving a perfect base for the rest of your make-up!
I also bagged a SCULPTING KIT from the easter package. For those who are unclear of what a sculpting kit is for, it is basically consistent of a highlighter and a bronzer, made to highlight certain features of the face; the top of the cheekbones, chin, nose bridge, and contour; sides of nose, base of the cheekbones, jawline, to give the appearance of slimmer and more defined features!
The effect of using MUFE Sculpting Kit: a more defined nose bridge, brightened undereye, slimmer jawline, and gives off a totally mannequin-like effect to the face! I personally LOVE it!
Here's the effect of using ALL of the products from the WHITE DEFINTION range which I received!
Natural -Looking Glowing Skin, Defined Features and Nose, and Make-Up that holds up!
Apart from the fabulous easter package, lovely Make Up For Ever also invited me for a Instant Brightening Lesson at their little school in Ngee Ann City! As mentioned earlier in this post, I was tend to by make-up artist Saffron, a friendly and totally knowledgeable artist who taught me so many new things! Classes go at only SGD $30, and last 30 minutes, and you will be blown away at how easy it is to do your make-up after picking up tips from other pros on doing your own face!
Where the lesson was conducted: cosy, comfortable and surrounded by make-up!
More details on the various types of classes conducted at the school; Please click to enlarge! :)
MAKE UP FOR EVER WHITE DEFINTION Powder Foundation Set retails at SGD $20 for the CASING and SGD $65 for the Powder Foundation, and can be found these locations. :)
Thanks for reading! :)

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