Monday, April 22

Celebrity - Hairdo for Hayley Westenra

A few days back, I was engaged to do hair for Hayley Westenra, an established Kiwi singer from New Zealand, for her big charity concert with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. This marked the second time Hayley has engaged me to do her hair for her Singapore-based events, I was truly honored! Seeing her elegant and poised personality, I immediately knew what hairdo suited her that evening: a greek goddess look! Here are some photos!

Celebrity - Hairdo for Hayley Westenra 

A greek-goddess inspired look for Hayley: Concert with the SSO! :)

I realised I haven't posted photos or videos of the previous time I did hair for Hayley during the David Foster & Friends Concert in Nov 2012, so here they are!

Hairdo for Hayley: David Foster & Friends Concert Nov 2012

Photos with the stars: Dirty Loops, Paul Young, and lovely Hayley! 

Here are some videos of Hayley in the hairdos I have done for her in the past years during her time in Singapore, for various interviews and stage shows:

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