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Product Reviews - Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum

Sometime back, I received a package from the lovely people at Matrix haircare. In it, were an array of hair products from the Design Pulse Range, mainly hairsprays and hair-waxes for styling. But what caught my eye, was of course the Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum!
Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum gives hair lasting, lustrous shine for a smooth, polished finish, and frizz-control. Suitable for normal to coarse hair.

Mixed:  Soften and shine any styler.
Pure:  On damp hair for a good blowout, on dry hair to add radiance.
Soft, mega-shiny hair using Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum!
When I saw that this product promised a mega-shine boost, immediately I had the initial impression that it was probably going to leave my hair looking greasy and oily. To my surprise, when I applied it prior to my daily blow-dry and flat-iron routine, I realised that the texture of this product was extremely light, and the fruity citrus smell was an added bonus as well!
It squeezed out as a transparent liquid, and the nozzle design was perfect in a sense that it doesnt make you squeeze out more than you need. I only had to apply about two pumps of this product, to achieve extra shiny, healthy looking hair.
In using this product, I ran about two pumps of it through my damp hair, blow-dried it, did my flat-ironing, and once done, I ran through one pump of serum throughout the entire dry hair-shaft, and I was amazed at how much more GLOSSY my hair was. Another plus point was that it didn't weigh my hair down at all, throughout the day! I have gone through alot of hair serums from other brands, and so far, this is the ONLY one that felt so light, and delivered such intense shine. It was as if I had naturally shiny frizz-free hair.
I have used this product on some of my clients and on a couple of editorial shoots as well, and it has delivered similar results on all the different hair textures I've put it on! Absolutely amazing.
 I can officially say, this is my new Holy Grail Hair Product which I need to have in my personal and professional hair kit, always.
 Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum can be found in professional MATRIX salons.
Price range for this product varies according to the salon you purchase from, but the average price for a product like this would be per say between SGD $30-SGD $50 per bottle.
To locate a MATRIX salon near you, simply go to their website,
type in your address or postal code in the Salon Locator Search Bar, and you'll get the address of the nearest one to you. :)
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