Tuesday, July 10

Product Reviews - Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Cream

I've always been a fan of big flowing hair, but I always found the idea of teasing my hair out everyday a little discomforting, knowing the pains of having to get the tangles out everytime its time to wash my hair out. Aside to that, I'm not really a fan of having tons of hard hold hairspray stuck on my tresses, since I'm always fiddling and touching my hair through the day, I'll probably mess it up really bad if I did that!

Recently, I was looking through the hair products in my kit, and I found that I had this product called Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Cream. I remember using it before when I had longer hair up to my shoulders, and it worked really well. It gave me that lift I needed, when used with a hairdryer, without the stiffness, which was perfect. I decided to give the product a try again, this time, with my shorter hair!

Schwarzkopf OSIS Upload Volume Cream gives instant lightweight volume and medium style control. Upload contains conditioning and natural shine ingredients to create contradictive styles on damp or dry hair. Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Creme Pump is pure volume with a dose of care for multi-functional styling purposes. Style as desired. Get more volume and soft movement by using a big round brush.

Before and After - using Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Cream!

REVIEW: As seen in the before photo, I had straight hair that lied flat, but from time to time I always like lots of volume in my hair to vary it up. Immediately after washing my hair, I applied a coin-sized amount of product into my palms and worked it through my 70% damp hair. I was a little worried at first, as the consistency of the product felt a little thick and greasy, which at first instinct, I thought would weigh my hair down. I continued to blow-dry my hair anyway with a round brush, and, I was blown away at how easy it was to get the volume into my hair. When I was finally done with my blow-dry, I noticed that my hair was alot more shinier and the color of my hair was even more intense than it usually was. I ran my fingers through my hair, it was completely soft and free to move, and surprisingly, the volume in it stayed put, despite me touching my hair for 20 minutes straight! This was an achievement for me, as usually if I did a blow-dry without any product in it, within 5 minutes I'd end up with flat hair again. Indeed, I was extremely esctatic! I went out that evening feeling pleased with my big hair. I highly recommend this product to all who desire that soft touchable volume in their hair, this product will deliver just that!

 Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Cream can be found retailing in wholesale beauty stores like Pink Beauty, Venus, or Beauty Language at about $29.90 per bottle.

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