Saturday, July 21

Celebrity - Hair for L.A Disney Star Debby Ryan

Sometime back, Disney Channel Star Debby Ryan came down to Singapore for a little 3-day promo event here for her latest move Radio Rebel. I got the fantastic opportunity to work with her, and on her hair, for this 3-day event, and I was indeed excited! Here are some photos and videos!

Celebrity - Hair for L.A Disney Star Debby Ryan

Radio Rebel Promo Event @ GV VivoCity.

Media Appearance - Debby on the CNA News.

Behind the Scenes - Hair Shots

Debby's lovely auburn hair which I did for her! :)

Video Captures

Hair for Debby for her Starhub! Live Chat with the fans.

Hair for Debby for her entrance to GV Promo Event.

Behind the Scenes

Me & Debby!

Debby and one of her biggest fans, my younger brother! :)

A lovely autograph from Debby!
"You are an absolute doll, incrediby talented. It was such a pleasure to work with you, much love! - Debby"

Hair: Andy Razali

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Hani Robert said...

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Clive Buck said...

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