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Product Reviews - Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Pencils

Recently, the lovely people from Make-Up Forever sent me a package consisting of their latest product, a highly (and I really mean highly!) waterproof product, the Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Pencils!

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Pencils in (left to right) 8E(teal),24E(rosy pink),6E(navy blue),32E(silvery white), 28E(champagne gold), and 0E(matte black).

I was very excited to receive these Aqua Shadow Pencils, after hearing that they were not only waterproof and smudgeproof, but that they came in a clean and handy jumbo pencil form too! I can use them as an eyeshadow base, on its own as a cream eyeshadow color, and also as an eyeliner for a more subtle, non-eyeshadow look. Definitely multi-purpose!

A little smokey eye make-up photo tutorial using MUFE Aqua Shadow Pencils. 

MUFE Aqua Shadows Swatches in (left to right) 8E, 28E, 6E, 32E, 0E and 24E. Intense color payoffs!

My most favourite color from the Aqua Shadow pencil collection has got to be 0E, a rich intense matte black color which is perfect for creating smokey eyes or for lining the waterline black. It won't smudge, won't smear and won't bleed even if you cry! I know this because I tend to tear alot when I wear lower liner on my waterline for my Make-Up Trials, and this product didn't budge a single bit, unlike other "waterproof" pencil liners i've tried which ended up turning grey and fading off after 5 minutes of wear. The next favourtie color has got to be 24E, a sweet rosy pink color! Its perfect for a wearable day look on the eyes to go to work, school, or play. You can even use it on your lips for a long-lasting lip color that won't budge! Another thing that I love about the Aqua Shadows is their very intense color payoffs. In the swatches, I only had to layer on once to get the true color of the shadow, a plus point from me!

I decided to take the Aqua Shadows for a waterproof and smudgeproof test of my own.

MUFE Aqua Shadows after showering 5 mins under constant running water. Waterproof test passed!

MUFE Aqua Shadows after 2 mins of some very vigorous rubbing. Smudgeproof test passed!

After trying very hard to smear and smudge the Aqua Shadows with water and my fingers, I decided to just use make-up remover to get it off the back of my hands. I usually need just one swipe to get even the thickest of eyeshadow colors off my face, and these Aqua Shadows took me two cotton pads worth of swiping to remove! Absolutely long-lasting I must say, its oil-proof as well!

I decided to do a little Make-Up Trial using these Aqua Shadows to take them for a test drive. I chose to use the rich matte black color 0E as an eyeliner, the bright silvery-white color 32E as a highlight, a dark green color 8E as an outer corner color, mixed in with Aqua Creams in #23, #24 for a vibrant dramatic look.

The colors were pretty blendable, being creamy, but I had to work fast as they tend to set pretty quickly. Color payoff was intense, but being waterproof, these shadows tend to dry hard and set into fine lines if you have them, so be sure to layer on a good creamy eyeshadow base first before using these products!

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Pencils - definitely a fabulous product worth having in your professional or personal make-up kit! Its handy, convenient, and the waterproof and smudgeproof effect that these lovely pencils give lasts through all weather conditions!

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Pencils are available at the Make Up Forever Pro Store located at One Raffles Place, and at all Sephora Beauty Stores located islandwide.

 Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your feedback. :)

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