Thursday, May 3

Product Review - Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited & Face Architect Fluid Foundation

A few days back, I was invited by the lovely people at Shu Uemura for a product launch at their outlet located in ION Orchard, in particular, for their new range of creamy lipsticks, Rouge Unlimited, as well as their Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation.

Shu Uemura is a Japanese cosmetic brand, and though I've heard about them before, I haven't had the chance to try out any of their products prior. Being a Japanese brand, I had the idea that most of their products, especially their range of foundations, were catered more toward fair-skinned people, but was I proven wrong! At the launch, I was given a bottle of Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation, and I opted for one of the darker shades they had, 734 Rich Beige, to match my tanned complexion.

      Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation in 734 Rich Beige

It was a perfect match for my tanned skin! Usually, I have alot of trouble finding the right shade of foundation for myself, as most are either appear too white on me, or too orangey. The Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation in 734 Rich Beige has a subtle sun-kissed glow to it, which I love, and I especially adore the fact that it feels so light on my skin. I felt as if I had nothing on my face at all. Coverage-wise, you only need a little bit of product to hide all the flaws, and the finish of the product is very natural and dewy, a plus point from me!

The other item I was able to take home (and try out at the event) is a new range of very creamy lipsticks called Rouge Unlimited. I was on the lookout for a good red lipstick, so I opted for their 170, a lovely orangey-red shade.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in 170

On my lips: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in 170

The Rouge Unlimited lipsticks are semi-gloss, and they are very creamy and easy to apply. However, it takes about 2-3 coats of product to achieve the true color of the lipstick, which you see in the tube. Being semi-glossy, they also give a plumping effect to the lips. In terms of lasting power, I love how even though some of the product fades off through the day, it still leaves a stain of color on your lips, unlike some other lipsticks which wipe off completely. This particular shade left a nice orangey-red glow on my lips, even after I wiped it off twice with tissue.

The new rouge unlimited range is available at all Shu Uemura beauty counters island wide from May 2012.

Starting from May, Shu Uemura is starting a sampling campaign for its Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation at all their counters located in Singapore. Women, and men, will be able to experience the foundation at a lower price of $65, as compared to their usual price of $75. I say that this product is a must-have in your personal or professional make-up kit. Its been a week since I've been using it, and it is now my most favourite foundation to date!

Thank you for the gorgeous invite, Shu Uemura! I enjoyed myself at the launch, hope to be able to attend more fun events from you guys in the near future.

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Miss Fors said...

Hey Andy! I think it's awesome that you're starting to do beauty reviews now :D You should put in an option for readers to subscribe to your RSS feed so we won't miss your updates.

Would love to read more from you.

andy & weave said...

Hey Mary-Anne!

Yup, sure I will! The next time I log in I'll put it up for you guys.

I'm glad you liked my review! Hope it was useful to you! :D