Tuesday, April 3

Theatrical Hair & Make-Up - Angel & Demon

Sometime back, I did a creative shoot with photographer Elena from SoloStepStudio. The entire theme of the shoot was Angel & Demons, and there were 2 male models for the shoot. I decided to get creative, and made use of theatrical style hair & make-up, making use of pigmented make-up and colored hair gel to get the models into character. Take a look!

Angel & Demon - Hair & Make-Up

The Angel - Silver Themed Hair & Make-Up

The Devil - Black Themed Hair & Make-Up

A few weeks after the shoot, I got to find out that there was an art fanatic who actually purchased the photo of the Angel hair & make-up which I did, and framed it up into a big artpiece to be displayed. Really cool, take a look!

Framed Artpiece of the Angel Hair & Make-Up done by Andy R.

Hair & Make-Up: Andy Razali

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