Thursday, October 31

Product Reviews - NEW Marc Anthony True Professional Sachet Hair Treatments

A few weeks back, the lovely people from Marc Anthony True Professional sent me a little haircare package, and in it was two little sachets of product from their latest from the Marc Anthony Hair Treatment range!

Introducing two new Marc Anthony True Professional products - the Oil of Morocco Argain Oil Deep Hydrating Conditioning Treatment, and the Repairing Macadamia Oil Deep Healing Conditioning Treatment!

I was indeed excited to give the products a test-run, seeing how much I love hair treatments. I expose my hair to endless heat-styling on a daily basis, doing blow-outs, flat-ironing, and on top of that, I do chemical treatments on them too to get some colour in. Because of this, my hair has the susceptibility to feel like straw after a while, when I leave it untreated and uncared for!

I spaced out two weeks for allowance to try out the two different masks, to see how they would really work on my dry as hay hair!

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hydrating Conditioning Treatment, SGD $4.90/sachet

Keratin Complex - Hydrate and Soften
Argan and Grapeseed Oil - Fortify, Protects hair shaft and Prevent Frizz

This treatment smells alot like the rest of the products from the Oil of Morocco range, it has an exotic smell to it which reminds you of fragrant woods. I used one sachet of this product up in about 3 washes on my shoulder length hair, so for longer hair it would probably go in about 2 washes! The texture of the product is amazing, its creamy and not greasy at all, and is rich and full of natural oils, which are nourishing for the hair. After using this product and doing my usual blow-out routine, my hair felt amazingly soft and smooth, and my split ends had miraculously mended themselves and were concealed: I wasn't able to see or feel them! On top of that, I survived through a day of pouring rain and humidity, and my hair didn't frizz one bit after using this product. It remained sleek and soft! Yet another amazing product - always love Argan Oil!

Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Deep Healing Conditioning Treatment, SGD $4.90/sachet

Macadamia Nut Oil - Penetrates easily to repair your mane 
Bamboo Extract - Contains protein which helps to retain moisture in your hair shaft

This product is slightly richer that the Argan Oil Treatment, and is very suitable for very damaged or chemically treated hair due to its restorative properties. The smell of the product is very nutty (albeit the name), and the texture is rich and smooth, without the silicone-like feel that certain cheap hair products have. After using this product, I found that my hair broke off less easily during blow-drying, and I had less hair-fall than usual, using my hair brush as the judge. It made my hair soft, but not as silky as the Argan Oil treatment did, but it definitely made it stronger and more resistant to any further wear and tear. A great product - I would highly recommend it for those who bleach their hair out often or do chemical straighteners or perms!

Here's my hair after two weeks of intensive treatments!

Soft, strong, and smooth tresses! :)

Marc Anthony True Professional Hair Treatments are available in selected Watson's stores from 17 October onwards.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your feedback. :)


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