Saturday, December 13

Triple Tresse

I recently did a photoshoot with my latest model, Iman. She came in with her hair that was stick straight with frayed ends, which did not hold much bounce or shape to it. For this shoot, three different looks were created, using Basic Updo, Pin Updo, and Med Curls Setting. Take a look! Click the photos to enlarge.

Basic Updo was done on model Iman for the first look. Pin Updo was done for the second look to achieve a sophisticated elegant hairdo, and Med Curls Setting was done close to the roots for the third look, to achieve bouncy healthy curls.



Basic Updo

Pin Updo

Med Curls Setting


Model : Iman A.
Hair by Andy&Weave (Andy Razali)
Make Up by Shamsydar Ani
Photography by Henna Ansar (Henna Photography)

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