Sunday, February 17

Product Reviews - NEW Make Up For Ever Technicolor Spring '13 Palette

Sometime back, the lovely people from Make Up For Ever invited me to the launch of their latest Spring addition, the Make Up For Ever Technicolor Spring '13 Palette. A mixture of vibrant and subtle shades, I was extremely excited to attend the launch, as I'm a huge fan of all things colourful!

The palette is this Spring’s must-have accessory, offering 8 bright, pumped-up shades of eyeshadow in a variety of matte, satiny, and iridescent textures. 5 basic shades, the mainstay of the timeless MAKE UP FOR EVER collection, ensure that there is something for everyone: Lilac, Black, Matte White, Espresso, and Iridescent Yellow Beige. 
These are complemented by 3 radiant shades that concentrate all the vitality of Spring: Turquoise, Apple Green, and a limited edition of this Spring’s flagship color, Yellow, reminiscent of the buttercups that bloom at this time of year. This is a primary, hyper-pigmented, glowing Yellow whose joyful vitality will galvanise any look with its radiance!
Here are some photos from the launch!
Sabrina giving a fab presentation on the different looks you can achieve using the palette,
Snazzy Thespian, Dolly Ingenue, or Screen Siren - take your pick! 
National Trainer Liza Haron working her magic using the NEW Technicolor Palette!
A colourful event! :)
Some swatches from the NEW Technicolor Spring '13 Palette!
I was so amazed at how hyper-pigmented the shadows from the Technicolor Palette were! Brimming with excitement after the event launch, I whipped out my brushes as soon as I got home, and HAD to try out the colors in a little Make-Up Trial! I was amazed at how easy it was to achieve the intensity of the colors as seen in the palette (with eyeshadow primer nonetheless!), and a major plus point was, none of the shadows were crumbly, so I barely had any fall-out as I was doing the Make-Up Trial! The shadows were velvety smooth and I didn't have any trouble patting them onto my lids - perfect!
Here are some photos of the little Make-Up Trial I experimented using the Technicolor Palette:
A little before-after magic using the new Technicolor Palette!
The Complete Look! - Vibrant Shades that scream Spring!
Colors Used: Turqoise Blue, Apple Green, Black, Yellow, White, Irridescent Yellow-Beige, Espresso (Brows)
MAKE UP FOR EVER Spring 2013 Limited Edition Techni Color Palette is available at these locations, retailing at $75!

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