Friday, April 2

Customer Testimonial - Vachala

Just a few days back, I received a testimonial from one of my clients, Vach, whose hair I did for a D&D event. She came in with hair at her shoulder which was tightly curled, and she opted to wear her hair in glamorous, soft flowing curls using hair extensions and med-curls setting. Here's what she had to say about the services from Andy&Weave!

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Customer Profile: Vachala
Service Engaged: Hair Extensions + Med Curls Setting


Before I met Andy, I spent what seemed like an eternity searching for a hair stylist who would not only give my LESS VOLUME the hair style I envisioned, but who could also inspire me with new, innovative & exciting ideas. What a relief when I sat on the chair for the first time and experienced his magic!!!

Andy is worth every mile who never disappoints. It's hard to find the "right" stylist, who you can "trust" to listen and create a look that best suits your body/face structure and personality. I highly value Andy's skill as an experienced and innovative stylist master! I know that I leave with more than a hairdo, feeling good about myself and definitely more confident! THANK YOU ANDY!

I look forward to working with you & Faces By Sarah in the future. All the best.

- Vach

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words Vach! It was certainly a pleasure dolling you up for your D&D. Here's to working with you again soon in future!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your feedback! :)

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