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Hair Tips & Tricks - Pumping Up the Volume

With the season of hair trends shifting, big hair from the 80s is making a gradual comeback, with styles like the beehive and big voluminous hair increasing in appeal and popularity. Nowadays, many people have the problem of dealing with flat hair, and in this post, I'm going to share with you some tips and tricks on getting that right amount of volume. In short, bye bye to flat hair!

1.Blow-dryers are your best friend!

When it comes to getting more volume, a blow-dryer (or another term for hair-dryer) is key in helping you achieve that extra body in your tresses. Many people make the mistake of directing the airflow in the direction of the way the hair grows , for example, blowdrying and shooting hot air from the top of the crown. The trick to volume is direct the hair flow against the direction of where the hair grows, because what you really want to do, is get the roots to lift off the base of the scalp.

One useful tip is to blow-dry while flipping your head upside-down, focusing the airflow against the direction of hair growth and tousling the root with your fingers whilst doing it.

Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Style Volumizing Cream

Before you begin blow-drying from wet/damp hair, you might want to prep your hair by applying a volumizer such as Schwarzkopf Osis Upload through the entire hair shaft to not only protect your hair from all that heat, but also to help give you more body and volume during the blow-drying process. I personally love to use Osis Upload as a volumizer not only because it not only helps protect and give more body, but it also acts as a mild conditioning agent and gives the hair a smooth brilliant shine.

Ceramic Thermal Round Brush - Conair

Using a round brush during the later stages of the blow-drying process can also help you get some shape in your hair whilst blow-drying. I like to incorporate using a round brush when I feel that the hair is about 70% dry, focusing on lifting the roots at the crown area and also the fringe.

On places to get round brushes such as the one in the photo above, drugstores like Guardian and Watson's are selling round brushes from Vidal Sassoon, retailing at about $12-$15 for one piece.

2.Use a volumizing shampoo

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo

A volumizing shampoo is a useful product in helping you give life to limp hair. Many people fail to realize that using a regular shampoo might actually weigh down fine hair, causing it to lie flat and maybe even grease up. Anti-frizz and smoothing shampoos contain the most amount of lipids and heavy ingredients, and using these products will only contribute to the hair becoming even more flat, especially at the crown.

Apart from that, for more volume, conditioners should only touch the mid-shaft to the tips of the hair during washing, avoiding the roots as you do not want any product to build up in that area.

3.Tease it Up!

A teasing comb is an easy fix to your styling needs when you want more volume. When using a teasing comb, focus on the crown area as this is where most people find their hair to be flat, as compared with the other areas of the hair shaft.

After teasing the hair, secure with a medium hold hairspray such as L'Oreal Elnet Brush Out Hairspray to allow some flexibility and hold in the style.

At the end of the day, take care to brush out your hair and release the teasing you have done before allowing your hair to touch water, as teased wet hair will only cause more diffculties when you comb your wet hair afterwards. Once brushed out, apply a conditioner to the teased areas to soften the cuticles and get any leftover tangles out first before shampoo. Condition as usual afterwards.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more hair tips and tricks. If you have any hair-related enquiries, feel free to leave me a tag. :)

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Hey there, i find this article really helpful! I have a question and i was hoping if you could help me with it. I recently permed my hair and the curls are loosening up. Do you have any tips that i can use to help maintain my curls? Hope to hear from you soon :)