Sunday, March 8

Customer Feedback

I recently received some photoshoot pictures from one of my customers, Farah. She came in and opted to style her hair in curls using curl set and blow-dry. Here are her pictures and what she had to say!


"Andy’s hairstyling services is a must- Accomodating, professional and satisfying. Charging at affordable prices is the least of the bright side, what is even more exuberant is walking away with the bounciest of curls and shiniest of hair. On top of giving me a perfect or more than perfect hair-do, Andy even took the liberty to teach me how to style my own hair – a feat for me to manage the foreign hairbrush and alien hairdryer. Now knowing it’s really not that hard, I can leave my house with better fringe without paying a cent!

Andy also gave me advice when I was complaining about my flaky and dry scalp, and taught me how to treat this condition. In addition, I greatly appreciate how he managed to fit me in his tight schedule and still pull off a great job. If and when Andy opens his first salon, I will be running my way down to be a member for life! HAHAHA!"

- Farah

Thank you so much for your feedback Farah! I really enjoyed doing your hair for you! And thank you once again for your amazing photos! :)

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