Wednesday, September 3

Customer Testimonial

I recently received a testimonial via e-mail from Andy&Weave customer, Amalina. She had engaged Andy&Weave twice for hairdo. Here is her testimonial followed by some of her pictures.

"Andy&Weave has been my top choice to go to if I need a special do for a special occasion. The best do Andy&Weave has ever given me is the one I had for my Graduation Dinner. I got extensions and curls. They are FABULOUS! Some even thought they're real! I love the style Andy&Weave gave me. The curls are just fine and the volume of my hair is just how i like it to be.

Andy&Weave does house calls too, which makes all the more convenient for every girl who wants to get her hair done in the comforts of her own home. It's really worth your money as the fees charged are affordable, so any girl can feel and be gorgeous.

Andy&Weave will make you look like a Goddess with a perfect hair-do to match your lovely dress. The hair-dos can cater to your liking, how ever you want your hair to be like. Andy&Weave can definately deliver.

It really is your one stop to perfect hair. I can vouch for that."

- Amalina



Thank you so much for the positive feedback Amalina. And thanks for reading! :)

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